"Saving Those Who Save Others"
Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance
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In 2010, while educating firefighters across the United States, I began to notice through stories and reports about the number of firefighters who had taken their lives.  I began to collect reports through a confidential reporting system in late 2010 through Counseling Services for FIre Fighters.  After much research and effort, I realized this was a much larger issue than I thought, and expanded by starting Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance. I am now collecting this data through FBHA also. This confidential report can be found on the list at the left "ff suicide report."

Starting January 1, 2013, I started gathering information Internationally. 
The number in the boxes above are members who were active or retired firefighters who suffered deaths by their own choice.  It should not be conceived as one of weakness but one where they might not have believed they had any other options to relieve their pain.  FBHA is dedicated to collecting the most accurate numbers regarding FF suicides and then updates this number as information is confirmed.  It is also FBHA’s objective to educate all of our brothers and sisters on suicide prevention through our workshop titled “Saving Those Who Save Others” in hopes to limit this number. 

Jeff Dill, Ret. Captain
Founder of FBHA

USA: Number is from information received from suicides ranging from the years 1880-2016. The total is comprised of 666 FF and 97 EMT/P. These are statistics of deaths reported. Actual numbers may be higher. 

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